Aiyyaa or plot ki avial-poha – the movie review

In 2009, Sachin Kundalkar directed a movie titled Gandh (the Marathi word for smell) –  a triptych of three short films exploring connections of the olfactory senses with the lives of everyday people. Kundalkar dedicated the film to two of his favourite directors – Wong Kar Wai (known for a genre of film that did not rely on a plot but more on the individual strengths of its many actors and actresses to narrate the story through their seemingly mundane day-to-day activities) and the Polish film-maker Kieslowski who directed Blue. Now why am I telling you all this? Because the … Continue reading Aiyyaa or plot ki avial-poha – the movie review

To-die-for Mussels Tarantina

After waiting for 15 minutes at Outback (confused and disdainful staff) on a Friday night, we left and discovered this restaurant. And decided to take a chance. Romano’s Macaroni Grill is hidden at one end of Dubai Festival City, a level below the cinemas. The service was delightful. After we were seated, a prompt waiter introduced himself and wrote his name on the table mat; adding a smiley. While waiting for the main course, we were served a freshly baked loaf of rosemary focaccia on the house. Warm and fragrant – we ended up demolishing half the loaf. By then, … Continue reading To-die-for Mussels Tarantina

Jazirah Aviation Club – my first microlight flight in UAE

Originally posted on Nomad NRI in Dubai:
Saw a microlight plane whizzing past as I was returning from a trip to Ras Al Khaimah over the Eid holidays.. On a lark, I drive down the dirt road and sign up for a 15 mins chakkar at the Jazirah Aviation Club, which has all the necessary government approvals. Heart thudding. Thought of running back to the safe confines of the car… After all, I did not know how to swim.  And sea was very much a part of this trip. But having forced my friend to sign up, my gargantuan ego… Continue reading Jazirah Aviation Club – my first microlight flight in UAE