Mumbai Police film review – daringly different

Amnesia has been a great way to start a movie. Mumbai Police, the taut Malayalam thriller written by Bobby-Sanjay and directed by Rosshan Andrrews takes this subject and delivers one of the finest movies, not just in Malayalam, but Indian cinema. The entire movie is seamlessly stitched together in a way that a viewer would forget to eat her caramel popcorn or his nachos. From the moment ACP Antony Moses aka Rascal Moses (Prithviraj) wakes up with amnesia after an accident, he leads us into a labyrinth of unexpected and unfortunate incidents within his life that unravel like a thousand-petalled … Continue reading Mumbai Police film review – daringly different

Aiyyaa or plot ki avial-poha – the movie review

In 2009, Sachin Kundalkar directed a movie titled Gandh (the Marathi word for smell) –  a triptych of three short films exploring connections of the olfactory senses with the lives of everyday people. Kundalkar dedicated the film to two of his favourite directors – Wong Kar Wai (known for a genre of film that did not rely on a plot but more on the individual strengths of its many actors and actresses to narrate the story through their seemingly mundane day-to-day activities) and the Polish film-maker Kieslowski who directed Blue. Now why am I telling you all this? Because the … Continue reading Aiyyaa or plot ki avial-poha – the movie review

The Silk trail and The Dirty Picture – a Dubai review

Being a film buff from childhood, I noticed that Silk Smitha was the shunned topic. Helen was glamorous vamp but always classy. Silk was the snicker on men’s lips, the adult movie with a capital A, the larger than life sleazy poster at a forbidden theatre that you discovered when the bus was forced to take a strange galli (street) when faced with a Mumbai traffic jam.. She was the girl with the oomph factor that screamed bad – never mind, that her shows seemed sold out judging by the crowds of shifty-eyed men standing outside these theatres. The woman … Continue reading The Silk trail and The Dirty Picture – a Dubai review

Dabangg – Salman makes a comeback

After each trailer, a small kid in some row asked, “What’s the next movie?” But after Dabangg started, all questions stopped. Never having been a great fan of Salman Khan, for the first time I had bought a ticket to watch what I thought was a comedy with some action thrown in. Once the movie started, I was as riveted as the rest of the audience. Salman Khan plays Chulbul Pandey, a small time corrupt cop, in a larger than life role that will rate as an ekdum chummeshwari performance like DID would say. He mixes machismo and comedy with … Continue reading Dabangg – Salman makes a comeback

Peepli Live review – a farmer in his den

We have had some four really good movies in Hindi cinema on journalism. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Tere Bin Laden and Rann with Peepli live now joining that list. While Rann was a sophisticated look at the crude machinations of broadcast media, the other three choose the dark humour route. Jaane Bhi Do has gone on to become a classic with its own fan club on Facebook and elsewhere. Tere Bin Laden was very tongue-in-cheek and one of the most enjoyable movies I have ever seen. But Peepli Live is in a league of its own taking pot shots at … Continue reading Peepli Live review – a farmer in his den

Inception review– Silva Method meets the Spotless Mind

Those familiar with the Silva Method might ally themselves with much of the philosophy in Inception. Such as the lift going down till the basement (the method used to plumb the various levels of the subconscious mind) and the kick mechanism (quite like the NLP click used to get you into the zone). The other déjà vu feelings will come from scenes that are reminiscent of fighting scenes from films such as Batman, The Matrix and the ‘warped relationship’ scenes from the oh-so-brilliant Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. So we have the brilliant Christopher Nolan taking us through the … Continue reading Inception review– Silva Method meets the Spotless Mind

Once upon a time in Mumbaai – review from UAE

It is a struggle to decide who steals the thunder. Ajay Devgn or the new dark horse Randeep Hooda. One smoulders with his one liners while the other reminds you of the old black and white movie days when cops were lean, mean machines with side parting et al. The movie takes time to explore the nuances of the various relationships in life  – beloved and loved, cops and mafia, ambition and the code of honour among criminals – in a slow buildup of scenes that start to speed up, crisscross lives and culminate in betrayal and death. Mumbai never … Continue reading Once upon a time in Mumbaai – review from UAE