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Editor at Large, writer, journalist and nomad urbanista. Exploring online narratives through documentary photography..


2 thoughts on “About sona217

  1. I was just passing through WordPress and saw your blog. Thought I would peruse through it and, interestingly, found that you are much like myself. Though, and I should admit this now, I am trying to create a band of people who love holding onto tradition, culture, and heritage as much as I do.

    Being in Dubai, I’m sure you are a lover of new things. As am I. However, when it conflicts with everything you’ve been taught is wrong, it’s time to make some changes.

    I do a lot of writing (mostly poetry) and I’m all about new trends. My point is this: It’s time for new beginnings…or re-beginnings, I guess you can say.

    I’m hoping you’ll join my blog and maybe give me a few pointers on how to get the ball rolling. I’m new to this blogging things. I know, I know. “Welcome to 1998.” LOL.


    1. Dear qatar4pride.
      We all value our roots but at the same time, we must be open to change. New beliefs only conflict with what you have been taught when you are not sure of what you believe in. My belief is that the world needs more people who can integrate change into their daily lives and enhance it.
      I have a local Emirati friend who comes from the village of Masafi. She has pursued her education successfully and is now working as a researcher with a government organisation in Abu Dhabi. At the same time, she has set up adult education classes for the women in her village.
      Though I am Indian, I have attended her brothers’ wedding, stayed with their family and enjoyed learning about their traditions as she has about mine. It is just about getting the balance right.
      I have been through your blog. I would recommend that you post daily on actual situations around you with practical solutions on how they can be addressed by the Qatari youth.. attacking any nationality does not serve that purpose, especially, since we both can communicate ideas to each other right now through their language as a common factor 🙂
      One of my favourite books is Terry Pratchett’s Jingo. see if you can get it…

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